Creating great software is more than ever an important competitive advantage.

Software development is difficult, and it’s not getting any easier.

The size and the complexity of software, as well as the tools and infrastructure it needs, are constantly increasing. At the same time software is becoming more and more important for businesses across a growing number of industries. The software is a selling point that increases competition between well-known competitors and new, fast-paced, organizations that use state of the art technologies.

DevOps, some say it is the future, others see it as a normal everyday activity.

Great software is a key asset for more and more businesses, with the young companies delivering digital content on the forefront of DevOps innovation. They are practicing DevOps principles on an everyday basis with automation, containerization, cloud deployments, micro-services, etc.

Speed, quality, and room for innovation.

About DevOps tooling: MAIA Software will help you manage complex challenges in the software delivery pipeline.

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DevOps, Continuous and Automation.

Start small, grow and adapt. Start today, it’ll take time…technology is fast and flexible, people are not.

T2 Data is helping other companies to move to a more automated and continuous DevOps world.


What about DevOps for Embedded and IoT?

MAIA Software

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