Cyber Security

Cyber Security for the digital infrastructure.

Modern services and important productions systems that form the backbone of our society are provided and controlled by digital infrastructure. An infrastructure that, in increasing numbers, is available online. Managing security in all these systems and devices is a very complex task. As the number of cyber threats continues to increase, it’s crucial that the reliability and the availability of these systems can be guaranteed.


Sustainable security measures must rely more on built-in security, rather than add-on functionality that can be difficult to maintain and distribute. Placing security in the firmware layer allows for bottom-up control, securing the operating system and applications.

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Efficient security management with virtualization.

Putting security measures in a thin middle layer virtualizer capable of hardware abstraction, network filtering, and security control helps you future-proof your infrastructure and software.

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Vulnerabilities and exploits.

Cyber security is also about software quality and control. Today more than 1000 vulnerabilities and exploits are reported/month. MAIA can help you to take control, helping you to detect and manage new vulnerabilities that affects your software.

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Research and Development for more than 10 years.

T2 Data has a history of cyber security research and development for more than 10 years, focusing on embedded security through secure boot, identity and integrity control.

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