Test Automation and Analysis

Automating and analysing tests.

The number of devices in the Internet of Things will soon grow to more than 30 billion. Embedded software is everywhere. An IoT solution involves a mix of different technologies, in embedded devices, gateways, and the cloud.

How do you verify software quality of your overall solution?

Already at the device level, teams are facing tough challenges to ensure high software quality. Catching functional and integration defects are critical during the development lifecycle to avoid costly bugs in delivered and active systems.

Like all forms of software testing, in the embedded domain, testing can be performed either manually or automated.
Test automation is a key activity when it comes to the ability to deliver high-quality software at DevOps speed.




MIRA is a generic test framework.

Based on Ruby and RSpec, MIRA is mainly intended for component/integration/function test of software applications and to integrate into the software development process. A Test-Driven or even Behavior-Driven Development approach is recommended and MIRA support them both.
MIRA is highly extendable for customer specific applications, something that is typically done by developers that knows the application.

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