Multi-platform versioning

What is Automated Traceability?

It’s when you push a button to visualize changes related to a build or potential release candidate. In seconds all modifications from yesterday, from sprint start, last delivery, this month, are presented. Like:

  • Resolved tasks.
  • New bugs.
  • Code changes.
  • Added/removed components.
  • Vulnerabilities.
  • Test results.

It’s when you have a real-time view, producing the current breakdown of a requirement to tasks, task to subtasks, and related code modifications.

You can see when a code change is built for the first time and when it gets its first-time-delivery.

It’s when everything gets versioned, to ensure traceability and repeatability.

  • Deliveries.
  • Builds.
  • Pipelines.
  • Test runs.

A detailed build report generated by MAIA Software.

see example

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